PX4 Slack -> Discord migration thread


As discussed in the last dev-call, we will try to migrate our chatting platform from Slack to Discord.

This will be done by @ryanjAA, @junwoo0914 and @rroche

What is Discord?

Discord is a chatting app anyone can use (with practically unlimited member count) without hosting a server (it’s free!).

Benefits of Discord (why we are migrating)

  1. Preservation of history (no more messages getting deleted after ~1.5 months!)
  2. Already existing cool bots: https://top.gg/



Steps of Migrating

  1. Export PX4 Slack history including attachments (files) using SlackDump - DONE
  2. Using Slacklord2, migrate the history to Discord - IN PROGRESS

Notes while migrating

  • Slack thread will be placed in individual messages, there’s a Slacklord2 issue to implement this feature. Would be nice to have.
  • To run Slacklord2, the .NET dependencies are required (otherwise, the downloaded binary won’t work). Refer to this. The issue is also on repository.


  1. Check if Discord messages are publicly indexable (i.e. via Google Search), this would be nice.

Trying on private server

  • Bot integration works
  • JSON parsing and uploading to server works


  • Text formatting is weird
  • It doesn’t associate with previous users (this would be very nice to have)
  • JSON file needs to be merged (since for #general chat for example, there are 2178 items of individual JSON files, and Slackord2 expects a single JSON file, as mentioned here.

Sounds cool. Any kind of ETA?

I am all for migrating, but it is important that this is managed. The most important part of that is making slack read-only and redirecting people when this goes live.

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