Minimosd configuration

Hi new the forums and pixhawk4 so be gentle with me

I’m trying to get the minim osd working on my pixhawk4, its connected to telem2 port on the board
How do alter the code so its sends the information via the telem2 port and the osd cant seem to find the information on the net, I’ve seen it in the documents but cant see it ground control station to alter it

Many thanks in advance of replays

Hi there, what OSD are you using? Do you know what protocol it expects?

Hi kevinh,

Check out this page for setting up the Telem 2 portr for osd ( MAV_2_MODE = 3)

I’ve had my minimOSD running both of these OSD frimwares. You’ll need a FTDI to flash them but the instructions are reasonably clear. Look on Youtube for setup videos “MWOSD PX4 setup”


I don’t think you have to pay to use the GUI config tool ( but for a couple of $ I thought it was worth it.


Hope this helps.