Px4 on flywing heli - will pay dev to get it to work open source

Hey Dev Community!

While delving deep into the world of the Flywinglink 450 size heli, I made a fascinating discovery - it operates on the mavlink protocol and is definitly a px4 inside! The adventure didn’t stop there. With a sprinkle of creativity, I successfully uploaded the px4 firmware onto the controller. However, the sensors readings of the baro, compass, and IMU aren’t showing, well, its the wrong hardware config from another board.

Here’s the twist: It’s evident that Flywinglink has built upon the foundation of px4, introducing their unique modifications without telling the public. Being a staunch supporter of open-source projects, I envision a world where this controller is completely compatible with the latest ardu-copter releases, and where enthusiasts like us can continually repurpose it even after unexpected crashes.

:star2: Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:
I’m seeking a brilliant developer to craft a firmware config to bridge this gap. This endeavor isn’t just about making a controller work; it’s about advancing open-source technology and benefiting the larger community. And also to screw those guys for not making it clear that they use open source code in their products.

:moneybag: Compensation:
Your expertise is valuable, and I’m committed to rewarding it. We can handle transactions through platforms like Upwork, or just Paypal. Importantly, your contribution has to be made public from second one (fork it, baby), amplifying the spirit of open source. And guess what? If you need hardware for testing, I’ve got a controller and GPS ready for you.

:love_letter: Connect & Collaborate:
If this challenge speaks to you, or if you have questions, dive right in! Let’s ensure technology remains open, shared, and continually advancing. Drop me a message, and let’s push the boundaries together!