PX4 Community Q&A: March 06, 2024

March 06, 2024

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A.1 :

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Q.1 : Trying to Flash custom controller deployment on Pixhawk 6x (Com port issue with Version 1.12.3[Bug] ยท Issue #22780 ยท PX4/PX4-Autopilot ยท GitHub)

when I flash 1.12.3 the serial port is not working. When flashing 1.13.0 or 1.14.0 everything is working

A.1 :

We need to check the timelines, but 1.12.3 might not support the Pixhawk 6x. Unsure how strict the guys are at Mathworks about version requirements. It appears the latest version of Matlab has been locked down to PX4 1.12.3.

:thinking: General Discussions

D.1 : Airspeed sensor challenges

Current airspeeds are a bit bad. Small ones that are meant to go on UAVs (that are cheap) dont do a great job at all at lower / 0 speed. Ideally we would like to double check the airspeed sensor with GPS. But the sensors are getting better

D.2 : Quick Cal

There is an option to do quick calibration using MAV_CMD_FIXED_MAG_CAL_YAW (Quick Accel/Magnetometer Calibration - #2 by AWilkins_Ascend), but doing the full calibration will always be better. This quick calibration could possibly make it WORSE. We need to do a comparison of full calibration vs quick calibration and see how it compares in real world

Hey I am a Masters Student working on my thesis at EPFL in Lausanne

I want to build a multi-hole pressure probe to improve the wind estimation on my fixed wing UAV and connect it directly to the px4.

Multihole-probes.pdf (surreysensors.com)

I plan to use the SDP32 pressure sensor. Do you have any tips on where and how to integrate the pressure sensor readout into px4? I know there is a message for air speed, is there a message for angle of attack and sideslip in px4?

What you are trying to achieve:
Connect Pixhawk 6x to Matlab/Simulink for custom controller deployment.
Windows 11/ Matlab R 2023 b / Hexacopter / px4_fmu-v6x_multicopter build

Github issue already created
Com port issue with Version 1.12.3[Bug] ยท Issue #22780 ยท PX4/PX4-Autopilot ยท GitHub.

Will try to wrap it under 5 mins

What is the meeting time and channel link?
Have already joined the Dronecode foundation discord server