Looking for drone test pilot for a contract position "fully remote"

Hey all!

Inspired by how birds fly, Shearwater Aerospace applies AI technology to make drones fly faster and stay in the air much longer. Our autonomous operating system, Smart Flight, provides smarter end-to-end mission autonomy by analyzing objectives, weather, terrain, airspace, and live sensor data, to create a real-time understanding of the environment and determine optimal actions. By leveraging tailwinds and updrafts, Smart Flight enables drones to fly 25% faster in transit and stay in the air loitering 800% longer.

We’re currently looking for an experienced fixed-wing drone hobbyist who is capable to flying short missions for us, to help verify the expected behavior of our software. We are looking for someone who lives in a favorable climate and can fly year-round. Compensation will be based on the experience level of the hobbyist.

The ideal candidate would:

  • reside somewhere were thermals are good year round
  • be comfortable flashing and configuring the Px4 flight stack
  • Have a fixed-wing which:
    • 1.5m or above wingspan
    • Be equipped with a airspeed sensor
    • Be equipped with a folding propeller (optional)
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Will you send the customised Px4 stack to upload on the fixed Wing.

Yes, we will sharing a customer Px4 stack. It’s contains a small improvement to the gliding code. We hope to be able to share it soon with the community. The rest of our software run on a companion computer which we will provide.

Hello interested in the role.

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