How to contribute my hardware to PX4 firmawre

Dear all, we developed a compact flight controller based on PX4, and we’ve been testing it for a year. We are willing to contribute to the community by fully open-source all hardware design(Github). This flight controller is now widely used in my research and that of my teammates(HKUST_UAV_Group).
This flight controller is now available on taobao, and soon will be sold globally.


It is amazing that you are making your work available to the community!

I guess you should open PR with your design here GitHub - pixhawk/Hardware: PX4 Hardware designs

@rroche or @hamishwillee is it enough to follow the existing documentation for the board and then open PR?

Great work
Can we test this flight controller through a gazebo simulator OR even uploaded it to a Pixhawk cube.

Theoretically, It supports hardware in loop. (Since our research focuses more on perception, we have not tested the simulation yet.) It can not be uploaded on Cube. :cry:

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thank you for the information.
a) Does it have analogue to digital converter port.
b) How many sbus port can it support
c) Which version of the NxtPX4 ( is it 1.1.3 ? ) are you selling thro ’ Tabao
d) Does it support NMEA GPS devices or only uBLOX

Hey @Peize-Liu, congrats on the project. I think the first step is to submit a pull request to PX4-Autopilot to add support for your hardware. Then, you can add your hardware to our docs, and we can also include it on the PX4 website.

One thing I will ask is that you please consider PX4 is a registered trademark that is owned by Dronecode, perhaps you want to choose a new name?

Thank you for your advice, I see it is not that suitable to call it xxxPX4. I will change the name.

Thank you @Peize-Liu I appreciate your help with the name.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email if you need help