PX4 HITL xplane bug?

Using Xplane 10, the latest QGroundControl build, tested with the stable build as well. Using the latest PX4 build, tested with stable and a version of px4 from last August.

I can not get the pixhawk to arm with hitl Xplane connected. I get, “hitl: connect to simulator before arming”, pop up. The pixhawk received all telemetry just fine from xplane and followed the px4 hitl guide exactly. I try a build from last year, and it works perfectly. No issues connecting or control problems. I put the new firmware back on, same issues. I trace that popup back to the commander.cpp file in the src/modules folder and comment out that hitl arming prevention check. I recompile and test. I can now arm, but the aircraft in Xplane throttles up automatically and does NOT respond to any rc or pixhawk input. Any ideas why a random firmware from over a year ago would work, but not a current one?

I have the same problem and did’t have the solution yet either.