QGroundControl HITL Airframe Motor doesn't spin

Hi all,

My motors in Actuators will start spinning when I select Generic Quadcopter Airframe but when I choose HIL Quadcopter X Airframe, the motors won’t spin when I tried testing it. Anyone encountered this before?

I’m also able to arm but nothing moves when I’m ‘flying’/ when the throttle is pushed up. Would appreciate any advice or input, thank you!

hi, here is the likely solution to your problem

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hi they seem to be having the same bug, does this mean there hasn’t been a fix yet? I think I saw previous instances of HITL working - I’ve tried installing v1.13 files and it still doesn’t work yet. Any suggestions on fixing this?

Yeah thats me opening the issue. It caused by the not enough memory for all the modules simultaneously. it is caused by the 1.14. it should work on the 1.13 version. make sure to reset all the parameters after any firmware change.

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I’m using the v1.13 git files for the simulation! Can I check what you mean to reset the parameters - the firmware for the PX board downloaded in QGC shouldn’t change, right? Do I have to do a custom firmware installation for it?

Thanks for your reply!

Like in the parameters section there are a option where you also reboot the vehicle when needed, there is a option called reset the parameters to the firmware’s defualt or airframes. try both and see if they work
Also do you follow the official hitl guide?

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I did, I tried rebooting as well.

I just realised the is from the HITL enabled under the safety section. If I have it disabled, the motors will move.