Publishing to manual_control_setpoint from rosnode

I am running a gazebo simulation and i am able to send joystick input via mavros/actuator_control to the vehicle.
I am now trying not to send the joystick input directly to the actuators but to the manual_control_setpoint topic because i want to run an attitude_controler in the simulation that reads from manual_control_setpoint and publishes to actuator_controls.
I tried publishing the joystick input to mavros/manual_control/control but it doesn’t change the values in the manual_control_setpoint topic.

Maybe an explanation of how mavros topics communicate with px4 topics would be helpful. I couldn’t find enough information on the internet to solve my problem.

Okay so running the simulation I used ‘rostopic info’ and found out that the simulation publishes to mavros/manual_control/control instead of listening to it. In my eyes this would mean that manual control input is not meant to be sent by ros. Or are there any px4/mavlink settings where you can decide which topics are meant to be published/subscribed by whom?
It is very confusing that there is a handle_message_manual_control function in the mavlink receiver module. An explanation would be super helpful.

For now I can only advice anyone who is trying to send information to the pixhawk via mavros messages to check if the pixhawk is a Subscriber to the topic by running:
rostopic info mavros/topicname