Publishing rate on actuator control topic using MAVROS protocol

I am using MAVROS to communicate between my raspberry pi and pixhawk. My goal is to write an h-infinity controller on a raspberry pi which I can start or terminate by flipping a switch on my transmitter.
I have created a node that subscribes to RCIn and ManualControl topic and publishes on the ActuatorControl topic. It reads a transmitter switch value from RCIn. If the switch is on it publishes some values on the ActuatorControl topic (later when I write the h-infinity controller, I will publish the values computed by the controller) and if the switch is off it reads the value from ManualControl and publishes it on the ActuatorControl topic. The issue is that in the latter case the values sent to the actuator is not smooth, this I believe is because of the low publishing frequency.

My question is at what rate should I publish these values. What is the maximum publishing rate supported by MAVROS and at what rate pixhawk sends a command to the actuators?