SITL Remote Control simulation

I am running PX4 and ROS on the Intel Aero, and simulating the whole setup using ROS, Gazebo and PX4 SITL. I am able to control the vehicle in the simulation by setting the mode to offboard and publishing to mavros setpoint_raw/local or setpoint_position/local. For simulation purposes, I am trying to simulate the RC with a a XBOX360 controller and I want to avoid publishing to the setpoint topics as the companion computer is already publishing to those topics.

I have tried to publish to rc/override and to manual_control/control, and neither of them have worked (the vehicle does not react to the command).


  1. I have tried to set COM_RC_IN_MODE to 1 then 2, and got the same result.
  2. For some reason when publishing manual_control (but not rc override) I still got the warning “failsafe enabled: no RC”, so I set the parameter NAV_RCL_ACT to 0 to disable the failsafe.
  3. I armed the vehicle and set the mode to POSCTL using mavros service clients and the mavros/state shows that the vehicle is indeed armed and in POSCTL mode.
  4. When publishing to rc/override, rc/out is not published and rc/in is equal to rc/override, I don’t really know what that could mean.
  5. For rc override I am sending a value between 1000 and 2000 for the first 4 channels and 65535 for the remaining 4. For manual control a value between -1000 and 1000 (except for z, between 0 and 1000) and 0 for the buttons.

I would appreciate any advice or information on rc override or manual control, or any alternative ideas to simulate a remote controller with px4 SITL.

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To get the manual control to work with Mavros you need to publish to manual_control/send topic.


how can i publish to manual_control/send?

i trying to control using rc/override

now i can control override, but FCU is not react…