Publishing 'mavros/actuator_control'


Currently, I’m using ROS1 Noetic, PX4-Autopilot v1.13 .
I’m trying to publish actuator value directly to drone and I found a mavros topic ‘mavros/actuator_control’.
I found that to publish that topic I should disable lockstep in PX4 and gazebo’s sdf file.
I did all the things which were on official homepage and some guides from this forum (Actuator Control from Offboard Computer via MAVROS).
Publishing in offboard mode, I gave the value [0.0 , 0.0 , 0.5, 0.8].
(As I know, that array’s 2,3 index are yaw and throttle)
I could see that iris changing its yaw and not landing.

Here’s my questions.

First, the error logs are as follow:
ERROR [vechicle_air_data] BARO #0 failed : TIMEOUT!
INFO [vechicle_air_data] BARO switch from #0#1
ERROR [commander] attitude estimate no longer valid
INFO [vechicle_air_data] BARO switch from #1#0
ERROR [vechicle_air_data] BARO #0 failed : TIMEOUT!
ERROR [vechicle_air_data] BARO #0 failed : TIMEOUT!
ERROR [vechicle_air_data] BARO #0 failed : TIMEOUT! (This log comes out iteratively)
Is this error log related to lockstep setting? I can’t figure it out

Secondly, are there any other solution to publish ‘mavros/actuator_control’ not disabling lockstep? Because, it is super slow in simulation…

Lastly, it doesn’t necessarily to be ‘mavros/actuator_control’. Are there any other way to control actuator?

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Hello , have you solved this problem ? I have the same problem.