Problems with PixHawk 4 mini as Hexacopter

i’m an engeneering student from Brazil and i’m building an autonomous hexacopter drone. I have an pixhawk 4 mini, but in any configuration, one of the propellers has a different speed than the others. I’ve tried to configure several parameters but all without success. The controller also does not access the ESC’s calibration mode.

Here is a short video to exemplificate what i saying: PixHawk 4 mini Error - Hexacopter configuration - YouTube

I would say try to spin that single motor using motor control in QGroundcontrol to make sure it spins correctly alone(Make sure to remove propellers first). Afterward, I would try and recalibrate everything if that motor spins as it should. If it doesn’t spin then it sounds like either an ESC problem or a wiring problem to the motor, which might be fixed by calibrating the ESC.