6c Mini and PX4

I just bought a 6c Mini for on of my quadcopters and it doesn’t seem to work correctly with PX4. The copter is made up of a TBS Crossfire com system, a 6c mini flight controller, a Lumenier 4 in 1 Pro Elite ESC, Gartt 2212 motors with 10" props. everything works fine with Arducopter firmware and the copter works fine with the old Pixhawk 4 Mini using PX4 and QGC.

The problem is the front 2 motors, (motors 1 and 3), don’t spin until the throttle is moved to about half way up. Motors 2 and 4 seem to react normally. I reinstalled the old Pixhawk 4 mini and it works fine. The 6c seems to work ok with Arducopter firmware but not with PX4. Is there a parameter that would correct this? I would prefer using PX4 as it has proven to be much more stable than Arducopter and I don’t need to learn differential calculus to program it.

I found the problem. I needed to identify and assign the motor on the Actuator page.