Pixracer q250 liftoff problems


I’m starting my experience both with ardupilot (got a hexa on pixhawk with copter 3.3) and px4.
I’ve build a 250 quad with a pixracer board - and px4 stack installed on it.

I have problems lifting off. At first the motors spin very slow, and at some point of throttle the quad pick-up very rapidly. I found it almost impossible to make it hover. It will either fall, or gain speed very quickly.

I’m providing a link to my google drive - there is a video of last start.


I’m also confused about the esc calibration. QGC tell’s it’s complete, but when I check the esc (blheli) configuration the PPM range does not seam right - should it not be as the PWM Outputs from the QGC? (please look at esc.ong)