2 of 6 Motors doesn't move / custom hexacopter

Hi, currently I’m working in a Hexacopter X geometry and I have troubles with 2 or even 3 motors when the vehicle is armed.
All 6 motors spin at different velocities, sometimes 4 motors stay at the same speed, and the other 2 remain stationary or spinning at lower speeds, the problem occurs randomly at every motor, sometimes Motor 2,3,4 and 6 work good or 1,2,3 and 5… etc.
I already check each motor and every ESC individually and works perfectly good.
In QGC all sensors and Air frame configurations are correctly uploaded, also firmware and software are up to date.

I’m using a pixhawk 4 FC and a Holybro Px4 PDB

What else can In try? Am I missing something?

Hi @Rodolfo_Garavito ,

Do they start when you tilt the drone or increase throttle? If yes, it is because you didn’t calibrate the ESCs. If they don’t support calibration, you need to increase the min PWM.

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They Start when I tilt the drone, I´ll try to recalibrate the ESCs, Thanks for your help!