Hello everyone, I have a problem with UAVCAN. I use for my quad

pixhawk 4
esc quattro 4in1
Taranis x9 lite
gps m8n
The problem is that when I want to make a star assignment, qgrouns writes the message: “UAVCAN configure command failed”.
I cannot start the procedure for my esc and the engines. I’m on “sensor and actuators…” but the other two react the same.
If you have an idea, help would be welcome

Hi Alesk,

Were you able to solve the problem? If not try to enable UAVCAN from the list of parameters to 1, 2 depending on the UAVCAN devices you are integrating.

Hello, thanks for the solution. Finally I did not use this function with my 4in1 esc and it still works. but I don’t know if it will damage my system.