Pixhawk 5x not sending UAVCAN signals


I’m relatively new to this sphere of debugging/software but I’ll try to explain my problem is clearly as possible (feel free to ask questions so I can clarify).

Pixhawk 5x
Zubax Myxa ESCs (running UAVCAN through CAN1 port on Pixhawk)

Our Pixhawk doesn’t seem to send any CAN signals. We have another Pixhawk 6c that, when connected, is able to spin our motors through motor test, arming, and mission. However, when we do the same through the 5x, nothing happens. I am still able to successfully arm, and even fly a mission, but the motors still don’t spin.

For parameters, we’ve set all of the ones we could find to the correct value, but aren’t sure we’ve gotten everything. Feel free to throw even obvious ones out there to make sure we haven’t overlooked anything obvious lol.

And aside from that, we’re welcoming any ideas.

Thank you,
Dylan Kwong

What is the param UAVCAN_ENABLE?

Sorry for not responding earlier, but we solved the problem (which doesn’t mean we know why our solution has fixed the issue). We noticed we had the “motors” tab instead of “actuators” on QGC and changed that, somehow fixing our issue. Do you know why this would be? (btw our UAVCAN_ENABLE param was 3)