Preflight fail: Gyro 1 uncalibrated


It’s my first post so please be induglent.

I use to fly with ardupilot and mission planner so I’m a bit desoriented as my drone seems to be …

I have a pixhawk v1 autopilot, I uploaded the last stable version of px4 and calibrate/configure everything but this message still appears when i try to arm :Preflight fail: Gyro 1 uncalibrated

I disabled gyro 1 in a first place and even gyro 2 … The problem remains the same

Thanks in advance

Hi, please share a logfile displaying the problem

Hey Jack,
With both Gyro 0 and Gyro 1 enabled, are you able to run the Gyro calibration successfully?
If not, do you get any particular error when doing so?

thank you for your answers @Santiago_Escala and @CarlOlsson
The problem did not persisted thankfully.