Not able to control quadrotor manually


I am using pixhawk with firmware version 1.8.0. I am not able to fly the quad-rotor in stabilized mode.

The error shown in QGroundControl is “Accel 0 fail” and “Gyro 0 fail”.

Has anyone came across this error and know how to resolve it?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if any more information is needed. I can provide it.

Thank you.

Did you calibrate all the sensors according to QGC sensor calibration process?
Any issue with that?

Hello @Kyuhyong_You, Yes I have calibrated the all sensors. The calibration was successful, but still I keep on getting this error.

In QGC you can access to nsh (nuttx shell) in Mavlink Console
enter sensors status in nsh and see what it gives

try help in nsh and check what accelerometer/gyro driver is up

If mpu6000 is shwon try
nsh> mpu6000 status and what it throws.

I will try this and update you.
Thank you for the help @Kyuhyong_You.