Power redundancy not met: 0 of 1

Hey folks,
I firmwared to 1.11.0 version. Reset all params, calibrated everything and now I’m unable to arm copter.
It says: Power redundancy not met: 0 of 1

What is it and how to fix it?

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Are you sure the FC is seeing the battery?

Hi. I have the same problem. Have installed firmware 1.11.0, there was a problem: power redundancy not met: 0 instead of 1. You have to solve this problem?

I am not yet using 1.11.
You should create an issue here, sound like a bug:

Rolled back to 1.10.0. Everything works fine now. I wonder where I can download 1.10.1 firmware?

Have you tried:
setting COM_POWER_COUNT to 0 as a workaround?
If not could you please try this? It would be helpful to know if this fixes it.
Here is where you can get 1.10.1:


Hello. It helped me, the warning disappeared, the engines started.

Great - I’m sure you won’t be the only one that gets that.

I’m getting the same issue with a pixhawk 1 FMU with PX4 1.11.0 firmware. I’m going to try 1.10.1

This is a known bug. @jimdgit is correct. Setting com_power_count to 0 is the work around. No reason to revert to 1.10.x

It is because on Pixhawk boards with redundant power inputs it assumes 1 is 1 but on Pixhawk 1 the power count is enumerated from 0.

Have tested on 1.11 on Pixhawk 1 and Pixhawk 4 to confirm. No changes needed when on P4. Changes needed on P1.


Hi jimdgit how I can setup v1.10.1 in my QGC? I downloaded files but I do not know how to setup instead of latest version v1.11.0 ? , please help

Just use the normal way to flash firmware, then check the advanced box.
The drop down will have an item to browse for file.

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I think there is no problem in V1.11.0.
I use Firmware 1.11.0 and pixhawk and I solve " [Power redundancy not met: 0 of 1]" Follow the steps
Parameters>>>othors>>>find ( COM_POWER_COUNT)
replace 1 to 0 will helped.

You are correct but there could be other reasons to revert.

I have a flying wing and there is no such parameter.

This bug has been fixed not sure when the fix will show up.