Pixhawk 2.4.8 (PX4FMU V2) issue - No Rc input - 0 channels detected

Dear friends, i’m new to this forum, i found it while searching for an answer to resolve a problem with my bricked board and decided to sign in.
While searching on here i have found many problems similar to mine with the same board, but still no corrective solution using the previous firmware versions or the new one. Two weeks ago, i uploaded the previous firmware version (1.1.13) and did the bootloader update following the instructions, everything worked as expected and the board seemed to be working well too, until i connected my FRsky X8R receiver with Sbus output to the to RC in on the controller, discovered that it had no channels available when doing rádio calibration. So i thought that could be an issue in the firmware and decided to wait a few days and upgrade to the new version (1.1.14), but after doing that i discovered that the issue still persist. my question is, is any one here related to development team that could correct this issue, as i stated before, there are several users facing this issue? thanks in advance !! G.V

Errata: sorry guys my mistake, my initial post above, please consider only firmware 1.13 & 1.14 and not 1.1.13 & 1.1.14, my bad !! :slight_smile:

Some receiver signals are not supported. (Have to admit not sure about your particular one)
Why don’t you briefly try to upload Arducopter instead and see how you go with RC input.

If it works, good, if not you can always go back to PX4

Hi Karl, thanks for repply, listen, i already tried several versions of Ardupilot firmware, with several pixhawks plataform options, nothing worked as expected, one strange thing that is hapening, is when i use the PX4 firmware with Ardupilot, i can´t see any parameters in the “full parameter list”, i´m only able to see the “advanced parameters list”, well today i’ll give it a try once again with diferent receivers.

many thanks for your help

There have also been reports over the years that sometimes the bootloader within the FC has been playing up and as such prevented successful / correct firmware upload.

Thanks Karl, but i couldn’t make it get back to normal, i mean having Rc channels again. G.V