Pixhawk 2.4.8 (FMUv2) compatibility with latest PX4 version

Hello @jimdgit, @LorenzMeier
I have query that “will pixhawk 1 (which has 1 MB flash) will work properply if I flash it with PX4 v1.11”. Will there be any issue with parameter loading or anything else, specifically due to its 1MB flash memory?

We typically note that on the release notes, for v1.11 we removed VTOL support by default on FMUv2 boards, the original 3DR Pixhawk.

This only affects the default builds, you can configure a build removing/adding any necessary components to target the desired flash size.

@rroche, I am going to use it for quadcopter, so i believe it wont show any support issues.
Am I right?