Pixracer with ESP8266 Wifi not connecting to QControlStation

I’m using a PixRacer with PX4 stack, the accompanying ESP8266. Everything is stock and I’m using the default settings. ESP firmware is 1.1.0. I’m getting data from the PixRacer but parameter synchronization fails with a “Vehicle 1 did not respond to request for parameters. This will cause QControlStation to be unable to display full user interface.”

Looking at the getstatus page of the ESP I see that the “Packets Sent to GCS” is increasing but the “Packets Received from GCS” is at 0, without any packet loss. Using MissionPlanner as GCS everything works and I get two-way communication. It also works with USB. Running Windows 10 and firewall is disabled.

What am I doing wrong?

Are you using Mavlink 2 support. I don’t think ESP8266 supports mavlink 2.

Thank you! I’m using default so both are Mavlink 2 enabled. And yes, the ESP firmware doesn’t support it. I’ll have a look at their repository and see if that can be easily fixed. In the meantime, can I somehow disable Mavlink 2 in QCS and px4? I’ve tried unchecking the option “Only accept MAVs with the same protocol version” and on the px4-side I’ve set Mavlink version to “Always Malink 1”. But I get the same nonsatisfying result. Is there anything else I have to do? Should I use an older version of QCS and px4 instead?