Hard reset of parameter?

Hello Fellow PX4 users,

I have pixhawk using the px4 flight stack v1.4.4

After changing a parameter which was supposed to cause the pixhawk to use v2.0 of the mavlink protocol, all communications between my pixhawk and QGroundControl have ceased. QGroundControl provides this message in the debug output:

“There is a MAVLink Version or Baud Rate Mismatch. Your MAVLink device seems to use the deprecated version 0.9, while QGroundControl only supports version 1.0+”

I’m not sure what exactly the problem is, but I’m almost certain the cause was changing the mavlink protocol version parameter. I’m thinking I need to reset this parameter to enable communication. Please Advise.

I managed to reset the parameter using the system console, and communication is working again. However, I think it is strange that using v2 of the MAVLink protocol caused this issue.

If anyone knows why this might have happened, please let me know. The specific parameter is MAV_PROTO_VER.

Your QGroundControl version likely didn’t have support for 2.0 yet. The most recent daily builds have it.

Thank you Mr. Meier, I was using v3.0.0 but I will update my GCS and try again!

@LorenzMeier The issue persists when using the QGroundControl v3.0.1 app image.

Is v3.0.1 correct, or do I need to checkout the source and build it myself. Alternatively, is there another way to get a more recent build?

I’d rather not build from source on the machine I’m using, if it can be avoided.

FYI: QGC doesn’t support Mavlink 2.0 yet. Even the latest daily builds. I had to back out the 2.0 support changes since they were breaking other things. I’ll get back to it soon.