Getting several wired links to px4


I’m searching a way of getting several links to px4 with high datarate. Radio link datarate (2.5 Hz) isn’t enough for my task. So i need several wired links with pixhawk. How to get it?

You could use the ESP8266:

and…are there methods of achieving my goal without installing any additional modules?

You can connect to TELEM1, TELEM2, or serial 4 wired and significantly increase the baudrate and mavlink data rate.
Alternatively you could strip out everything from the normal stream you don’t want to increase the rate, but don’t expect QGroundControl to work properly.

dagar, could u explain me how to connect through telemetry ports?

i tried that but there are no correct mavlink packets receiving on these ports. i think that only connecting RX, TX and GND isn’t enough. such kind of connection needs to be configured…

i’ve set SYS_COMPANION to NORMAL_TELEMETRY value, but neither TELEM1 nor TELEM2 don’t send correct mavlink messages on 57600. i also tried other baudrates, but without any success.

and in the same time if i connect radio telemetry in TELEM1 or TELEM2 it works perfectly.

mb problem is in firmware version? i am using px4 frame stack 1.3.4 release, got it from QGC on

I’d double check the wiring. Having rx/tx swapped is pretty common.

hmm…i dont think so…coz i receive data, but there are no correct messages, since most bytes is “0”. If rx/tx was swapped i think i couldn’t receive any data at all

If you change the wiring slightly are you able to get a system console through the same cable?

It’s interesting but yes. I could read data using monitor tool in linux and putty in windows, but these data aren’t correct MAVLink messages. So I suppose that mb baudrate or any others serial port parameters are setuped incorrectly. In putty i’ve setup port like 57600 8N1, seems all correct. So, mb problrm on px4 side? For example, need to set up some px4 parameter…