Pixracer WiFi connectivity

I have two Pixracer controlers and both operate well with small quadcopters. Recently installed one on Mariner (Splashdrone) platform.
To make setup easier tried to use the ESP8266 (ESP-1) WiFi module i bought with the Pixracer.

Unfortunately in the original UART1 slot the ESP-1 cannot transmit any data. I have flashed latest firmware V 1.0.11, but no difference. The WiFi connection is OK, but no any UDP transmission.

After days of tests tried to use TX signal from the second Serial output - UART2. And it is working! All communication to WiFi devices - MP, Tower, etc. is perfect!

When test the TX pin on the UART1, there is no transmission. All other UARTs are OK.

Does anybody had the same and what can be the reason for denied UART1 on Pixracer?

Best regards to all Friends!