Bricked pixracer esp8266

I was attempting to use my pixracer in station mode with firmware 1.1.0. The values did not seem to be saving on reboot and the WiFI connection didn’t work. The Wi-Fi base station is an Apple time capsule, FWIW.

Things took a turn for the worse after I attempted to upload an older firmware to see if the station mode worked in a previous version, but the upload over Wi-Fi gave a failure response. At this point, Wi-Fi no longer worked. The lesson may be don’t upload older firmware versions.

I was able to flash fw 1.1.0 with a USB to serial adapter. It seems to be working as before. I haven’t had time to look into station mode again.

I just wanted to offer this feedback.

Is there a known reason uploading firmware to the ESP8266 through the pixracer connection would not be possible? Seems like it would be handy.