Pixracer and X8R wiring

Hi there,

I have a pixracer and x8r. Could anybody instruct me how to connect the X8R to the Pixracer?

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Connect the SBUS port of the X8R to the RCin port of the Pixracer as shown here: http://px4.io/docs/pixracer/
(same as the GR-16).

Is following wiring correct?

X8R SBUS — Pixracer FrySky Port I/O

  •    ---                GND
  •   ---                +5V

S — FS in

Really appreciate your help!

I do not believe that is correct. Are you trying to connect to control the craft or receive telemetry? The FrSky port is for telemetry not radio control.

If you want to wire for control you will go from the X8R Sbus port to the RC port on the Pixracer as shown and mentioned by Mark above.


Yes, your are right. I tried to use the FrSky port for RC and failed.

Thanks a lot!


  1. On the PixRacer FrSky telemetry connector, connect In(RX) and Out(TX) to a single wire which you will connect to the single SmartPort pin on the X8R.
  2. Connect Grounds

Do not connect +5V on your X8R telemetry connector or the PixRacer telemetry connector.


Like this:


I have been out of the loop for awhile… does the FrSky port eliminate the need for the teesny board? Thx