Pixracer PX4 -> FLVSS -> X8R - FrSky Telemetry problem


I’ve connected my Pixracer (running PX4) FrSky port directly to the SBUS port of the X8R with a modified cable (see Pixracer and X8R wiring) and successfully received telemetry data on a Taranis (OpenTX firmware version 2.1.9).

Since I’d also like to see voltages of my LiPo cells on my Taranis/QGroundControl, I tried hooking up a FrSky FLVSS voltage sensor.

Connection looks like this:
Pixracer FrSky port -> FLVSS sensor -> X8R

After doing that, I can see the “CELLS” telemetry data on my Taranis. BUT… I don’t see all the other telemetry data from the Pixracer on my Taranis anymore.

Is my wiring correct? Is the FLVSS sensor somehow hiding the Pixracer telemetry data?