Pixracer frsky x8r issues

Good day,
recently i received the Pixracer r15, but ive found the issue that i cannot set any channel in qgroundcontrol and also mission planner.
I’ve wire the cable in rc port in this way: first 5v pin to power receiver, the 5th pin to negative of receiver and the 2nd pin to signal. After this ive binded receiver and radio commander, but without success. My receiver is type frsky x8r.
Can you advice me just in case a new cable or where i can buy a new pixracer board.

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Good Luck.

Good day, i followed your advice, but didn’t work.
Hardware… cabe or software pc issues?

It’s going to be a process of elimination; depending on what extra components you have available, your options might be limited.

  • The simplest would be try a different servo cable from the Rx SBUS to the Pixracer.
  • If you have another FrSky Rx, try it with it.
  • If you have another flight controller, maybe test the Rx with that if it works through SBUS.
  • Otherwise, the issue may be on the Pixracer?

Without having it personally to diagnose, it could be the Pixracer, SBUS cable. Hope you figure it out.

Good luck.

Me I’ve also try the frsky x4rsb and also the frsky r xsr, try both receivers on pixfalcon and everything work.
this is how I’ve done the wire on pixracer before send it back:

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Then it sounds like there was a potential issue with your X8R SBUS port.

Good luck.

but on pixfalcon x8r work, on pixracer I’ve wired also r xsr and didn’t work, r xsr work on pixfalcon.

For now i sent back my pixracer r15 to mro… lets see.
Can you advice me pls where i can find a pixracer board to test?

Hi Dave,

Yesterday, I was able to confirm that the PixRacer R15 and R14 both work fine with the FRSky X4R-SB. I really don’t have any advice other than check the integrity of your cables because it was plug and play. The cables in your picture appear to have been spliced or modified. Confirm continuity with an Ohm meter that they are intact.

For my test setup, I only have a Pixracer with SDCard installed and the sBus receiver connected. I was powering everything via the USB cable. I loaded the latest stable version of PX4 using Q Ground Control. The only configuration that was required was to choose an airframe type, I chose a generic quad. The next step was to go to the radio setup and calibrate the radio input.


I got X8R working with pixracer following only this: https://docs.px4.io/en/flight_controller/pixracer.html

Installed Lua Pilot to Taranis as well (for that I had to update to latest openTX).

Still checking some issue ie. if I need to disable safety switch to be able to get servos moving - having separate power to servos ie. only ground plus signals connected to pixracer (also mag inconsisted reported so can’t arm yet).

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