Connecting Pixracer 1.0 to Futaba receiver

Hi - I’m trying to set up the RC electronics for my drone.

I have a Pixracer v1.0 and am trying to connect it to my RC receiver (Futaba 8 channel R3008SB). There are 5 pins (orange/green/red/white/black) coming from the Pixracer RCIN and I’m not sure where they go on my receiver.

Any thoughts? What’s the best way to test that it’s set up correctly?

What about a look at the Pinout. For example documented here:

I’d take 5V, GND and RC_In and plug them to SBus on the Receiver - at least this is what I did :wink:

Good day, Would you mind advice me pls how wire a frsky x8r receiver on pixracer coz even everything was binded i was not able to set the channels. Can be a driver issues on my pc or its necessary a different cable?