X8R Telemetry connected to PixHawk2.1 (cube)

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We are trying to use a Pixhawk2.1 and connect an X8R telemetry module along with a FrSKY Taranis X9D.
We tried to connect the SBUS output (X8R) to RCin (Cube) but it does not work (the led on the X8R keeps blinking red and no bound - the Taranis has been configured to bind with X8R)

I read different threads on that topic and I am a bit confused because some proposed the SBUS and other said that you need a dedicated cable from SPORT (X8R) to a Serial (either TELEM 1 or 2 on the Cube).

Which wiring is actually correct and why SBUS (X8R) -> RCin (Cube) is not working because with the PixRacer, for instance, this is the correct way to plug the X8R…

Thank you for your support

You need both SBUS for the RC communication from the receiver to the Pixhawk, and smart port for the telemetry communication between the receiver and the Pixhawk. You won’t get any telemetry with just the SBUS connection.

However you should still be able to get the RC to pair to the receiver. That shouldn’t be anything to do with the link from the receiver to the Pixhawk. I haven’t use that particular receiver setup, but bear in mind there are multiple FrSky protocol configurations selectable on the Taraniis X9D, so you may be trying to connect via the wrong protocol.

@tbrs2 Thank you for your answer and I understand that:

  • SBUS (X8R) -> RCin (Pixhawk) should work for the RC communication
  • Additionnaly for Telemetry you need a dedicated cable between the smart port (X8R) and serial

So I need to understand why the Taranis X9D does not bind with the X8R

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Make sure you are not trying to bind to the external module.
I have used D8 mode with CH 5 and 6 connected and successfully bound with three such receivers with no problem. giving me telemetry.
This has nothing to do with your flight controller of course.