Pixhawk + M8N Radiolink

Hello there!
We have a problem here. our drone can not arm and we can’t calibrate the accelerometer. It also does not lock the GPS position
We have a hexacopter and we calibrate it with QGroundControll v3.4.4
if we use without GPS everything work just fine.
Can you help us?

Maybe we can help you :smile: but we might need some more information.

  1. What PX4 firmware version are you using?
  2. What is the error when the accelerometer calibration “does not work”?
  3. Do you have a clear view of the sky when GPS does not lock? Do you have additional computers, microcontrollers, cameras, USB components, PX4Flow etc. on the drone? They might interfere with your GPS.
  4. What messages do you see when “it does not arm”?

I seem to have read somewhere that Radiolink will only work with its own firmware. For whatever reason, it doesn’t work well with PX4 nor Ardupilot. Have you tried loading their own firmware?

Good luck.

Aha, I missed this info. So you’re saying something about this GPS is not compatible with PX4.

From the Radiolink M8N spec page it looks like it’s just normal uBlox in which case it should work just fine, however, I can’t tell for sure. I suppose we need a bit information.

I’m using firmware version 1.8.2 Stable Release.
I have only GPS, power module, buzzer and switch. I try to arm using RC, the red light of pixhawk flash twice, and the QGC says “NOT ARMING: Preflight checks failed” or " PREFLIGHT FAIL: MAG SENSORS INCONSISTENT"

There was a whole string of discussion in RCGroups.com about Radiolink not following the hardware specs to cut corners. I’m speculating that it might have something to do with it considering several folks have mentioned issues with it. And it’s also with ArduPilot.

Have you calibrated all the sensors, including the compass? If you have, try disabling the internal compass with CAL_MAG1_EN.

Good luck.