Unable to calibrate sensors on QGroundControl after installing latest PX4


I have RadioLink Pixhawk FC board in which I installed Arducopter using Mission planner and flied the Quadcopter successfully.

Now I would like to change to PX4 using QGroundControl. I have followed the below steps as well

  1. Installed QGroundContol on my Windows laptop
  2. Installed the latest PX4 on the FC using QGroundControl. No issues till this point
  3. Now while calibrating the sensors, I am facing issues. It is unable to recognise Accelerometer, Gyro and Magnetometer.
  4. Upon more investigation, I found that Board has Ardupilot bootloader. I couldn’t find any way to change the bootloader.

I would like to know if the problem is due to the Bootloader. If yes, can you help me how to resolve it.

If the issue is not with the Bootloader, can you help me with whatelse can be done?

It is showing Arduopter Bootloader instead of PX4 Fmu

Compass Error

Hello community, I am not sure how soon people in the community will respond for the posts describing the issues. Can someone respond to my post?

We’re not exactly sitting at a desk all day, paid to answer forum questions, so times may vary :wink: .

What’s that? Can you post a photo of it? I’m not sure it’s supported by PX4. Given your experience, it might not be.

Hello @JulianOes, Thanks for your response.

I had some experience on StackOverflow where responses will be in hours and Here I am not sure how big the community is and how active the people are. Hence Asked

I am not sure how soon people in the community will respond for the posts describing the issues. Can someone respond to my post?

By the way I know No one is paid here :sweat_smile:

Here are the photos of the RadioLink Pixhawk. It says it supports fmuv3. I have found that The ciruit diagram of this board is little different from standard Pixhawk 2.4.8 board from other vendors. Hope this information will help you to provide some help to me.

Many thanks in advance…

I would like to know what is the way to know if given boards supports PX4? will it be there in some spec? - I could not find anywhere in the spec of this FC.

I’m afraid I don’t know. I have never seen this board before but of course I haven’t seen all the clones out there. If ArduPilot works, I suggest to use ArduPilot. And otherwise you have to ask the seller what sensors are on the board and then adapt the PX4 config accordingly.

Thanks @JulianOes for your reply. I received confirmation from RadioLink Customer Support Team saying that this board is not compatible with PX4.

To make it work with PX4, it may require understanding many different elements at hardware level and configuration level (Still there is no guarantee that it will work) as you have already mentioned.

Here I am attaching high level spec details of this RadioLink Pixhawk and you can please check if there is any easy way to tweak it to make it work with PX4

Product Purchased Link:

High Level details of this board

If RadioLink wants to make a pull request to PX4 to add support, or pay one of the consultants to do so, that would be great. Otherwise, I’m afraid, I won’t dive into this as the board’s spec/hardware as it is rather outdated anyway, and I would recommend using autopilots based on STM32H7 (or similar) rather than STM32F4 boards.

Thanks @JulianOes. That concludes!!!