Pixhawk 5x - FrSky Telemetry ID Reference List?

Just getting into drone building with my 12 y.o. son and learning a ton from online sources and documents, but the one dead-end I have come to is in setting up the FrSky telemetry for our Pixhawk 5x. We’re running a Taranis 9X Lite S TX with Archer R4 RX with the S.Port pin connected to Telem2 TX on the 5X.

When I autodetect sensors on OpenTX telemetry screen, I get a list of sensors from the 5X/R4. Some of them are labelled correctly (i.e. RSSI), but a lot of them are just the hardware ID (i.e. 2302, FB01, FF01). Is there a reference list of these sensors and instances that I can use to label the telem values and create a useful telemetry screen on the Taranis? Screenshot of OpenTX Companion attached.

Thanks for any help to point me in the right direction, this has been a lot of fun so far.

I could never find a good answer to this, but really you should get telemetry radio and set up QGC on an android tablet you will get the map and all the telem. I used the Holybro radio and a 99.00 samsung tablet. You also need an OTG adaptor to plug the radio into the tablet. I gave up on the Frsky telem, as without the map is was not that useful. The RSSI and battery I put on the TX main screen though.

You might get a better answer on the Open TX forums.