Telemetry with X8R to TX16S

Any help would be appreciated, I have a X8R and I’d like to send telemetry data to the TX16S. I’ve had this setup in the past and it worked, but after I flashed my PX4 to the latest Firmware it stopped working. The hardware hasn’t changed.

I’d like the SPORT to be connected to TELEM3, but I haven’t figured out what parameters in QGC to set.

Thanks in advance

Im new, Ive been trying to configure my X8R to my Taranis X9D, spa far, Im missing the TEL_FRSKY_CONFIG paramiter and am not sure how to install or instantiate it. So far, (maybe this will help you) Go to mavlink section of parameters, set*see first pic., then go to serial section and set up *see pic, I received some /one message, but none others yet. That help? Know how to get the parameter im missing lol. Thanks