Pixahawk 4 is not working after connecting the devices

My group was doing offboard flight with a companion computer, and in the first test with takeoff the drone went up 1.5 meters and I took the control with the RC changing the flight mode to “land”, but the drone does not respond and went even more up. The drone didn’t respond to other commands and went crazy, we managed to turn off the battery.
Now when I connect px4 to pc via USB it does not connect to any mission planner, I can upgrade the firmware but nothing changes as well. If I disconnect everything(motors, power, RC in and telemetry) and leave only the USB the connection happens normally. I can even be connecting everything back and make it work, but when I restart the flight controller it with everything connected, it does not connect and we need to disconnect everything again.
I tried to change the micro sd card and installing the firmware again, wait the board to boot completely and then connect it to the QGC but the problem persist. Is there something I can do? This is a boot problem?

UPDATE! I found out that if I disconnect the USB to Serial that is connected to the Telemetry 1 everything works normally but if the pixhaw is previously connected to PC the and then we connect the usb serial it works normally on telemetry 1 port. I’ve followed this tutorial to configure the companion computer https://dev.px4.io/v1.9.0/en/companion_computer/pixhawk_companion.html. How can I make this port work again?