PX4 Not Working Properly

Hello Everyone,

I was in the process of writing an Arduino code to send MavLink commands to the PX4, and then the PX4 stopped working properly. Here is a summary of the issues and the attempted solutions. If anyone has any input on how to get it working, or at least what may have caused this to avoid damaging any other Pix-Hawks please let me know

I have tried getting the PX4 to work with both MP Firmware as well as QGC firmware (Drone was working and flying properly before this issue).

With MP Firmware (ArduCopter V4.0.2):

  • Not connecting via telemetry (Trying to connect window pops up but timeout period ends and “No Heartbeat Packets Received” error is displayed)
  • PX4 main LED blinking Yellow, B/E LED solid red/orange, ACT LED blinking Blue
  • MAVLINK Connecting successfully to PX4 via USB
  • Check BRD_TYPE: Baro: unable to initialize driver
  • When trying to connect via terminal:
    • if PX4/PIXHAWK is selected, Can’t open Serial port error
    • If APM selected, connects and gives out data along with a lot of garbage. But also cannot send any

With QGC firmware (PX4 Flight Stack v1.10.1 Stable Release) (From: http://px4-travis.s3.amazonaws.com/Firmware/stable/px4fmu-v3_default.px4)

(Note: Found device: PX4 FMU V2)

  • If I upload the firmware right after MP firmware, it doesn’t work properly. Surprisingly, if I leave the drone powered off for a while (Few Hours), then upload the Firmware it works.

  • Telemetry is working but drone still does not want to ARM.

Let me know if any information or tests are needed, Looking forward to your replies.