PID Tunning for Pixhawk


Here I am trying to PID tunning for x quadcopter. Motor distance(1550mm Diagonally) 100Kv motor with 20 kgs thrust, 3010 propeller.

I am attaching log files with few PID tunning for roll only.

Kindly suggest me what values should be set for P,I and D for better tune.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Did you see
Did you actually takeoff in the logs? It’s hard to say if you didn’t actually take off. But here are some pointers:

  • Increase MC_ROLLRATE_P until your rate is tracked (the logs show pretty much no tracking).
    0.016 starts to looks better, but you can go higher.
  • Your yaw looks overtuned: reduce MC_YAWRATE_P (and maybe also MC_YAW_P)

Are you or do you have an experienced RC pilot? I highly recommend it for such a vehicle initially until you have it working stable.

Kindly check new logs with takeoff.