Hexacopter PID Tuning

Hello everyone,

I’m new to both this forum and working with PX4, so I would greatly appreciate any guidance offered. I acquired a hexacopter built by a friend, which I purchased from him. Below, you will find detailed information regarding the frame and avionics of the drone. Currently, I am attempting to fine-tune the PID settings, but I have not yet achieved a stable tuning.

Since I have no telemetry, my approach is flying in stabilize flight mode, then apply some inputs, and then reviewing the logs. I’ve been adhering to the documentation guidelines for adjusting the PID parameters. However, I have some questions:

  • Given the lack of telemetry and a screen on my RC transmitter, is there a more effective method for tuning the PID settings?
  • Are there any specific recommendations for adjusting the yaw maneuver?
  • Could someone provide further advice or recommendations about this whole topic?

Drone Configuration:

  • Model: Hexacopter Tarot 680Pro in an X-Frame configuration, equipped with a Pixhawk 6X.
  • Propellers: 7x5.5 (yes i know they are so small)
  • Motors: T-motors, 1300 KV
  • ESCs: Standard 40A units

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated.

could you post log from your latest flight?

I would recommend, buying a telemetry

or something similar, which could give you more flexibility for tuning PID while flying.

you can try autotune feature from PX4, check documentation before performing.

if yaw is not behaving good after tuning, may be try tilting motors a little bit with washers, this would lead to change in thrust direction a little bit and would help to control yaw.