Supports changing PID parameters

Hello, I just built a quadcopter with a 21-inch propeller. However, when taking off, there are a few problems with the knife and vibration. Can anyone give me advice on which parameters to adjust accordingly, thanks.
This log is due to strong winds at the end.

This log means vibrating

This log is out of control

I’m not an expert, but I would suggest to try in Manual/Stabilized mode, before going to Position.
Or even Acro if you feel confident enough. In this way you could get more insights on the rate controllers and adjust them if needed. If I’m not wrong you are using the default parameters for the rate gains (you can find them here)

These in general should be fine and may require some fine tuning. I prefer to increase a little bit P and reduce I gains, but this depends on your drone.
Not sure if you already followed the tuning guide
If also when changing the rate gains you get those vibration, it may be a problem with the design or build of you drone. If you could share more information I think someone could give you more advice also on that side