Parachute contribution

Hi guys,

I am thinking of contributing to the project by making support for parachute. I already have a peace of code that works great for fixed wing, but I am sure it doesn’t support all the features it might need. I want to ask you if anyone can help me put together a list of features that a good parachute implementation should have. Let me know if you’re interested in that.


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I have not met a function in QGrundControl when building a mission DO_parachut. it’s sad. We use a fixed wing. with automatic landing.
in the mission do_parachut - 1 engine OFF the next waypoint do_parachut -2 open the parachute servo. if there is help, I will be happy.
Still lacking the function of the parachute’s escape after landing. need an function of understanding a fixed wing, but that has already landed. when the wind is very important.
And yes the parachute release function and the parachute pull function are put on one servo. ie the servo should work 1 time from 900 to 1400. and 2 times from 1500 to 2000.
I’m a practic if interested. I will explain in detail how I work

@vvid @VitalyGroo
Hi, there is now work going on to enable parachute release either manually or automatically. Have a look at this

And feel free to mention your ideas in the pull request directly.