Airplane: Flaps and Retracts question?

Hi all,

I don’t seem to find any info on flaps and landing gear in autonomous flight. If the plane has auto-landing in the mission does it use flaps during the approach and also can it extend the retracting landing gear for the landing at some height or distance from the spot?

If not is there implemented MAV commands this I can program in the mission?

The same is true if I use parachute for landing. There is no info I can find. Is there implemented MAV command for the parachute?



Is this MAV_CMD_DO_PARACHUTE implemented? QGC feeds it to the FC without problem…

Hi Vasil
I can tell you that flaps are supported for fw auto landings. They are applied after passing the last waypoint before landing. I’m writing a guide for fw takeoff and landing at the moment (it’s in a google doc). I could share this with you if you like.

I’m about to test it with a specially build for the purpose Cessna :slight_smile: Glad it is implemented, will be nice to share the DOC.

Thanks Tumbili

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I’d like to continue on this. Accoring to the GitHub Issues since 1.5 there should be Support for Retracts / Landing Gear, but I was unable to find any Documentation on this?

Anyone has a hint if this has been implemented in 1.5 and how to use it?

We have good support for flaps and flaperons. It looks like gear support was only added to multicopter, but I could easily add it to fixed wing if you’re available to test.

In particular, testing auto retract and deploy for auto missions, as well as manual control.

@dagar Thanks for your Reply. I only own MC so this should be fine.

Still there is no Hint in the Docu or QGC how to use this feature. Where/How would I connect the Gear? I thought I would have to assign a RC Channel as input for the Gear Command and then there would be an AUX to assign for the Gear Controller? I was not able to find any of the above and also no Config Param for this…

@Andreas_Hoffmann you need to add it to your mixer. Control group 0, index 7 is for landing gear.
Then you need to assign the param RC_MAP_GEAR_SW. If it’s not in the regular mode configuration page in QGC you should open an issue and ask for it to be added. For now you’ll probably have to look in the full parameter tree.

Could you help update the documentation for this kind of thing? Even a few rough notes in the right place can be extremely helpful.