PX4 Community Q&A: May 10, 2023

May 10, 2023

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Q.1: VIO bridge alternative

Auterion repo is now private, is there an alternative?

Answer: Post on discord & maybe people may know there!

Q.2: QGC customizing a function - Anthony

To export KML files? How to get started in modifying the QGC code?

Object detection use case: Requiring confidence parameter, etc.

Goal: Handle a specific file (e.g. KML) that is getting passed through. There’s a rectangular pattern. And want to have a function to generate KML file with certain parameters.

Answer: There’s “Polygon tools” code section. Farhang will answer in DM.

Q.3: How to suppress preflight check? - Farhang

Currently the disarmed PWM value equals failsafe PWM value. Leading to unintended failsafe trigger.

In Gazebo, it’s now hard to determine if vehicle is in failsafe mode via PWM output value. Starting from v1.12, the parachute package in SITL Gazebo isn’t working.

Action Item: Ping beat on discord about this

:thinking: General Discussions

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