OSD for PX4 - MWOSD development

Hi all - added PX4 support to MWOSD - and this is first test flight…

A crap video, but shows transition from MANUAL, to POSITION HOLD and the RETURN to LAUNCH.
Pleased to have PX4 on the list of supported FC

Enjoy the low voltage at the end… configured for a 3s warning instead of 4s!

Welcome any request for additional features.

Quickstart installation guide here:

Source code and repository here:

hello dear friends and thank you for sharing your knowledge

I have downloaded and compiled the presented code for using on my pixhawk

it is good enough to show horizon line, mode and arm or disarmed statues but I am down to get pitch and roll angle

any body knows how I can figure it out ?

thanks a lot

In GUI configurator there are 2 screen elements that can be turned off/on. “Pitch angle” and “Roll angle”