Nothing works

Hello! These are my components: Pixhawk 6C, Pixhawk 4 GPS module, Qgroundcontrol, Mission Planner and Digital Air Speed ​​Sensor - MS5525DSO. I have always done everything as described and have done a lot of research, but nothing really works yet. What category does this fall into? LG Beginner1

Hello, are you able to connect the drone to QGC or MP?

Hello Chadi! It doesn’t matter whether you use QGC or MP, something doesn’t work with each program. I’ve now concentrated on QGC and swapped the Pixhawk 4 GPS module for an M10. It was also constantly flashing red until I figured out that it had to be calibrated first so that something else would flash. But I hadn’t found that in any documentation before. Thanks. Have a nice day. Beginner1

Mission Planner shouldn’t work really good with PX4. Are you using ArduPilot? If so - post your issue on their discourse.

Now - what do you mean “something doesn’t work”? Post screenshots, logs, anything.

Hello dotanAtTrim! I have currently loaded Ardupilot. Almost nothing works with Pixhawk. When loading the firmware, many errors appear (cannot be loaded or something like that). I have read through Pixhawk, ArduPilot and QGroundControl, as well as MissionPlanner, but I always got the impression that everything should work with everything. I have not found anything yet that says only use a+b+c, otherwise you will have problems. Best wishes, Beginner1

As mentioned before and in your other post - we cannot help without more information. Either help us help you or help yourself.

At the bare minimum - post a screenshot including all error messages you get (or copy the exact text you get, “something like that” won’t help me look in the source code to see where the message is coming from).

How much success did you get with Ardupilot? If you posted on their forum please provide a link to your post, maybe you have a hardware issue.

Which port did you connect the airspeed sensor to? Is PX4 configured to look for it on the appropriate port?
Did you try setting it up without the airspeed sensor just to make sure it’s “alive”?
Try that, then use the Mavlink shell to try to set up the sensor before configuring the parameters.

Hi dotanAtTrim. I replied to your thread (in QGC). Can we please agree on QGC? I didn’t post anything in Ardupilot. Air speed sensor was properly connected to I2C. “…setting it up without the air speed sensor, just to make sure it is “active”?” Please what is “active”? What would be the most recommended software for my hardware?
Have a nice day Beginner1

Probably something was lost in translation:
Disconnect everything from your flight controller, then plug in a USB cable and load it. Make sure it is working without the airspeed sensor.
By working, I mean firmware loads, and IMU and other sensors are not showing any errors after calibration (if needed).

If this does not work, either post a screenshot of your QGC screen, or copy the error message text. I won’t be able (nor do I want to) continue helping you without proper information. When you try to describe an error and then pass it through Google Translate, we may not understand it properly.

For your understanding: I posted the following on QGC:
Dear dotanAtTrim:
Regarding the first paragraph: Google translations are usually bad, sometimes incomprehensible. This is something I have been struggling with ever since I started working with autonomous flight (3 ½ years). Regarding the BSP FrSky manual. Some things in English are not entirely understandable, even for someone who can speak English.

Regarding the second paragraph: If I followed your advice, it would fill a book that no one would read.

Regarding the third paragraph: Enter “qgc: COM_RC does not exist”. The answers you found are as helpful as any.

I am currently looking for why the line “MAV_CMD_COMPONENT_ARM_DISARM command failed” is missing in the QGC parameters. Digital Air Speed ​​Sensor - MS5525DSO is in the parameters, but only works with I2C-MS4525DO.

My components: RC FrSky X20S, Archer R8 Pro receiver, Holybro Pixhawk 6C, Holybro M10 GPS module, Qgroundcontrol, Mission Planner and Digital Air Speed ​​Sensor – MS5525DSO. Best regards Beginner1
PS.:I’ll give it a try.