No answers for Beginner 1

Hello everyone. What am I doing wrong that I’m not getting any answers? Have a nice day. Beginner 1

Dear sir,
I have been trying to get answers for a year, the community support is atrocious. I have read about the systems quite a bit, and if you spend enough time there you may find the answers you need, maybe. As far as i can tell it is a dig for yourself program. unless you can make some friends here that will take you under their wing. Doc

Been there.
First - try to translate your posts to English (as you did here). Lots of people are too lazy to translate themselves. Plus, if it’s clear that the readers will have to translate your post, to me it seems lazy not to translate it yourself (you can keep the original language as well).

Second - include detailed info about your issue. For example: “I tried everything and it doesn’t work” is meaningless, since we have no idea what was actually done. Add screenshots, firmware and software revisions, configurations, hardware models, everything that might have the slightest connection to the issue.

Third - as @Docslabs said - you’ll find most answers in the documentation and\or code. Go to PX4 doc and try looking for keywords that might be related, you can also use Google since it also looks within PX4 documentation and this forum.

Dear dotanAtTrim:
Regarding the first paragraph: Google translations are usually bad, sometimes incomprehensible. This is something I have been struggling with ever since I started working with autonomous flight (3 ½ years). Regarding the BSP FrSky manual. Some things in English are not entirely understandable, even for someone who can speak English.

Regarding the second paragraph: If I followed your advice, it would fill a book that no one would read.

Regarding the third paragraph: Enter “qgc: COM_RC does not exist”. The answers you found are as helpful as any.

I am currently looking for why the line “MAV_CMD_COMPONENT_ARM_DISARM command failed” is missing in the QGC parameters. Digital Air Speed ​​Sensor - MS5525DSO is in the parameters, but only works with I2C-MS4525DO.

My components: RC FrSky X20S, Archer R8 Pro receiver, Holybro Pixhawk 6C, Holybro M10 GPS module, Qgroundcontrol, Mission Planner and Digital Air Speed ​​Sensor – MS5525DSO. Best regards Beginner1