Not quite a first flight

Hello! I took out our newly built foxtec hover 1 quad for its first flight. It has a pixhawk 4 with 40A esc and t-motor kv380. Everything looked good to go and on takeoff it span round and flipped.

I have no idea why, so Im not sure what to rectify!
One strange thing that may have something to do with it, when I tried to calibrate the esc’s I disconnected power and as I am reconnecting QGC gives me error “dangerously low bat! sys shutting down” then sys does not support shutdown" then “transaction denied:SHUTDOWN to STANDBY” But also seems to go through the calibration and informs me it is complete and that I can disconnect battery now.

I would really appreciate some help, so I can get back out. Cheers

Only time I have encountered a flip over on a newly built quad is when having errors like:

  • wrong motor sequence
  • wrong rotation direction of one or more motors
  • correct rotation direction but wrong propeller
    Presumably you have checked these but if not your problem might be one of those.

Hello @mebj, yeah I did check the rotation direction and I’m sure I put the corresponding props on, although I didn’t check when I took them off post crash!

What do you mean by wrong motor sequence?

I actually just managed to load v1.9.2 and was able to do esc calibration so that good.

I meant the motor numbering according to the docs. Motor 1 and 2 are normally diagonal and not beside each other and so is 3 and 4. So it is essential that these are attached to the flight controller accordingly.

I think you got it mate, I had not positioned the FC to correspond with the power module! sheesh, so the motor sequence had shifted and FC was not looking forward. Thanks alot for your help! I’ll take it for another spin tomorrow!

You are welcome. Hope you will have a good maiden flight then.

Successful flight! Winner