Quad is about to flip uploaded log file

My quad Iron Man 650 flew once with success using Matek F405-CTR. After that I have installed the new Holybro Pixhawk 4 and grief ever since.
I have took my quad a part for countless times but no success.

My main issue is that the quad looks like its about to flip.
I have changed motors and escs same behavior.

I have uploaded a log file, maybe someone can review it, maybe something is in there?

Thank you,

never mind, I was able to figure it out.

@gnitzan It would be helpful for the community if you share what the problem was and how you solved it :slight_smile:

I would like to know also. I converted a tarot hex680 from a pixhawk 2.4 to a pixhawk 4 and have been having stability problems that I can’t seem to tune out. It flew beautifully on the pix 2.4


Truly sorry for not elaborating, however I wasn’t sure that what I did is that important.

I have flashed ArduPilot 3.6 release candidate 7 (ArduPilot don’t have a release yet for Pixhawk 4) , configured everything, calibrated and tried to fly. I had the same issue exactly as with PX4. Posted the logs on ArduPilot forum, exactly as I did here, however got responses from two members.

  1. One member that reviewed my log noticed and said that I might be too cautious and that big quads often do a little flip like movement, and that I might want to push or pull the pitch stick just a tiny bit before takeoff to force the FC to balance that flip like.
  2. second member offered me to set the MOT_PWM_MIN to 1000 and MOT_PWM_MAX to 2000.

The next afternoon I had a wonderful flight (though landing was a bit hard due to my poor flying skills).

In retrospect, I believe it would be the same with PX4, however ArduPilot does have Auto Tune which I wanted to use - for my no flying skills and no knowledge of tuning. Big quads does seem harder to tune and crashing would be very expansive :slight_smile:.

However, my conclusion from the little experience I have with the Pixhawk 4, lots of grief for the novice flyer/builder.


Sorry to dig up an old thread, can you catch me up on how you flew PX4 on the Matek FC? I’m trying to accomplish the same, and having a hard time configuring everything. Thanks

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